Tools to create apps without knowing how to code free

If you have a business you need to be part of the entire internet, and for this, the best way is to have an application that helps users connect with your products. At Big Digital Fox we give priority to creating an application that adapts to your needs, with an IDE and a programming language that can be edited in the future natively, and to avoid all the problems and headaches caused by not being able to update apps. But if what you want is to create an app at no cost and you don't know how to program, this is your blog.

The 5 best programs to create apps without knowing code

In previous updates Upplication was in second place, its functionality was immense for free. Currently this builder has jumped on the bandwagon of paid builders and is no longer free. It offers a free month in all its modalities, and its price is around 9€, being the cheapest on the market.

In previous updates we talked about "instant Appbuilder", an application aimed at Pubs, bars and this type of premises, totally free. It's no wonder the company has evolved under the GoodBarber name. It stopped being free a year ago, like most builders, but it has much more functionality than Upplication for only 35€ per month.

This builder offers you the possibility to drag, design and even program some of its functions. You will be able to migrate your apps to Android and IOS and they will distribute them to you themselves. It is true that it has great quality, but its free version offers quite little, the cost of the paid ones is between 100€ and 2000€.

Your-app offers you the same as Appmaker, the difference is the distribution, they do the monitoring and marketing of your application, it currently has a free trial version, and the paid version is between 100€ and 3000€.

If you want an editor to create an app like the previous one, but without apparent failures and at a very cheap cost, Velneo is our best proposal. It is true that many of its functionalities require basic web development, but together with its 30-day free trial, its cost currently ranges between 65€ and 250€.