How to sell a digital book?

It is very easy to create, design, and sell a digital book or ebook if you have a publisher as an ally, but not everyone can afford one, or jump right in without knowing the result you will get. Therefore, we are going to help you create your books step by step and we are going to ensure that you have a book that everyone reads.

First we have to be very clear about what we are going to write and to the audience we want to reach. The recommended thing is to have more than thirty pages, and once we have the finished book we will need to design a cover, our pages or even the typography to attract that audience we were talking about at the beginning.

Whether you have an idea in mind or not, at Big Digital Fox we will create any type of design and typography for you. Not only that, if what you are looking for is an audiobook, from Big Digital Fox we will give voice to your books with the genre you decide, and calm down, you will not hear any screams or howls from our fox narrators.

Once we have everything prepared, we will surely have the following question, How to make money selling digital books or ebooks?

5 best platforms for publishing digital books

Kobo is a platform that is created by the same company that recently joined Kindle, so it should not be underestimated. It gives you facilities to edit the typography and design the format of the pages, however, if you plan to upload an audiobook, you will not be able to do it in kobo.

The profits from your sale will be 40%.

Kindle Direct Publishing (From Amazon) Kindle is what many call "selling a book on Amazon." It began with the publication of digital books at a time when the market for publications was empty, getting to be number one. In addition, it has a printed book service, where you can choose the type of paper and cover, that makes it cheaper than a printing company, and you will have the possibility of creating audiobooks.

Like Kobo, the profit from your sale will be 40%.

Apple Books in our opinion is the best option, it is true that you will not have the facilities to convert your book to physical as in the case of Kindle, but you will have the possibility of uploading an audiobook, and your digital books will be uploaded as you had them designed.

Your sales earnings are 70%, but not everyone has the same possibility, since Apple Books only lets you upload their books from iTunes Connect, which means that you will have to use a Mac.

Smashwords contains twenty platforms inside it, which means that once your book is uploaded to this platform, it will automatically be uploaded to Kobo, Kindle, Apple and many more.

The downside is that this platform takes 10% plus the seller platform, which means that, if you sell on Apple, you would earn 60% per book sold. Another disadvantage is that it does not position you, which makes selling difficult.

This platform works totally the same as Smashwords, the difference is that it does not matter if your book is called a "blue book" or "aurora borealis book", they position you making it easier for you to earn money selling a digital book online.

I know what you're thinking. Does it have downsides? The answer is yes, since it does not have a library of platforms as large as Smashwords, Apple does not appear among them, and its commission is 15% + the selling platform.